Education Career Action Plan (ECAP)

WHY ECAP?? ILP Wikipedia
  • Over 38 states have Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) programs for students with 25 requiring an ILP as a graduation requirement.
  • Arizona's ILP is Education Career Action Plan (ECAP).
  • Each student has an account in an electronic application titled Arizona Career Information System (AZCIS).  The portfolio in AZCIS is where the students document their completion of the required items on the checklist for each grade level.
  • Required items on the grade level checklists are identified by two (2) red **.  Students must complete ALL required items in ALL four grade levels regardless of the length of attendance in Arizona schools to meet the graduation requirement.
  • Students receive instruction and guidance in completing their ECAP via their school email account ( and instruction/workshops in class activities
  • Students needing additional assistance with accessing and/or completing their ECAP may come to the Guidance Center for help.
  • Mr. Heizer (ECAP Coordinator) is available by appointment, email, or phone to provide assistance.
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